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SHUSH is a HealthIT company which provides a sleep and performance platform for both Individuals and Enterprises. Using our proprietary algorithms, we take over-the-counter wearables and transform them into personalized engines to power our Performance Model. Our Model then produces an individualized, minute-by-minute report to predict sleep health and performance for each end user. 

Our proprietary technology provides: (1) a new method for predicting individual performance based on continuous measurements of both sleep quantity and quality; (2) design simplicity to enable the use of low-cost commercial wearables instead of expensive medical devices. Here are just a few of the Enterprises who  greatly benefit from our services:


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Workforce fatigue in Transportation and Industry can not only be costly but also life threatening. It is crucial to implement a Fatigue Risk Management System when the dangers are so high. SHUSH's main mission is to improve an individual’s performance if it is negatively impacted by sub-optimal sleep habits. We provide a comprehensive solution to preventing fatigue related accidents.

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SHUSH offers a responsive, effective and real-time solution to improve team performance. Improving the sleep health of each individual athlete is key to a team's success. With this focus SHUSH predicts an athlete's decrements in performance guiding the athlete, managers and trainers with mitigation strategies. SHUSH provides real-time performance predictions, and real-time remodeling and notifications giving our clients the competitive edge

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SHUSH offers corporations a solution to improve their employees health and sleep hygiene. Our services help managers avoid or mitigate high-risk behaviors and decrements in performance, which in turn leads to higher workforce productivity. SHUSH can monitor users in a streamline fashion or facilitate the training of the workers and managers with automatic notifications to maintain a steady flow of information.

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