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Leading the Charge:


Congratulations to our CEO Dr. Luis Pichard, who authored a chapter describing the latest advances in precision medicine for sleep loss and fatigue management. For this chapter, Dr. Pichard was fortunate to be able to assemble a collaborating team of experts and world-renowned scientist in the field.

In the News: Dr. Luis Pichard helping understand cardiovascular health by contributing to de-tangling the link between obesity and blood pressure.

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Obesity and sleep disorders cannot be taken in a vacuum. Here, Dr. Pichard, in collaboration with a team from Johns Hopkins University, help better understand how  leptin, a molecule associated with obesity, leads to hypertension. The mechanism, controlled by the same organs that help maintain our breathing during sleep - the carotid bodies. (Article Link)

In the News: Sleep and Performance


As current performance/fatigue models rely on several decade old biomathematical models, SHUSH has developed a next-generation performance model that not only considers sleep quality, but it also individualizes performance while providing individualized sleep prediction modeling. Modeling cannot be taken at face-value or trusted through decades. SHUSH has partnered with the Chilean government to put its model to the test in actual operation settings rather than the laboratory. The next-generation sleep and performance model has arrived.    

In the News: SHUSH @ CONNECTpreneur

Fireside chat with James Quigley from GoCanvas


SHUSH received the honor to present at CONNECTpreneur in Washington, DC. Also taking the stage, James Quigley from GoCanvas for a fireside chat. Follow us for updates!

In the News: SHUSH accepted into the 2019 IPHA program


The INOVA Personalized Health Accelerator (IPHA) is dedicated to finding and enabling the next generation of medical technology and healthcare start-ups seeking to enhance patient care, predict and prevent disease, lower healthcare costs, and improve health outcomes. INOVA is a major healthcare system and research institution that serves more than two million people each year and has over 17,000 employees.

In the News: SHUSH accepted into the FounderTrac family


In the News: SHUSH partners with Kloudville.


Tracking and modeling thousands of users is no easy task. Today, SHUSH has partnered with Kloudville to provide the latest IT infrastructure. Together they can improve thousands of users sleep health while managing their fatigue. 

In the News: Real Time Sleep™ Validation

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